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Understanding Home Care


Companion Care

There are times when you may need a “companion” who assists with activities like shopping, transportation to appointments, and daily tasks that do not require “hands on” care. In North Carolina, companions are not permitted to provide hands on assistance with things like ambulation, transfers, toileting, bathing or other personal care that requires them to actually “touch” the client.

In-Home Aide Services

An In-Home Aide is someone who may have prior experience with taking care of disabled family or friends. Often, these caregivers discover that they really enjoy caring for others and receive a great deal of fulfillment from this type of work. Our RNs observe the In- Home Aides in our classroom ensuring that they demonstrate competency performing personal care tasks.   An In-Home Aide may be utilized unless there is oxygen, tube feedings or indwelling catheters. We encourage our In-Home Aides to take the CNA course and may assist them with financial help to do so. They may provide hands on care and companionship.

Certified Nursing Assistant

CNAs are ”certified” in North Carolina by taking the six week Certified Nursing Assistant course. Certification requires being tested on written materials and performing a demonstrated skills exam.  A Certified Nursing Assistant may assist with oxygen, catheter care, incontinence assistance, bathing, grooming, transfers, medication reminders, and tube feedings. Our CNAs also work in Independent Living Communities, Assisted Living, and Skilled Nursing Homes. Our CNAs also work in Hospital settings and may stay with you during you hospitalization. Falls do occur in the hospital due to confusion, delirium, unfamiliar surroundings and urinary urgency issues. Our CNAs ensure the safety of your loved one when the floor staff just can’t respond to the call bell quickly enough!

Choosing Home Care Services

Choose a reputable agency like Home “Carefree” who screens for drugs, runs a criminal background check, and reports all cases of abuse, neglect, exploitation, fraud, theft or other unethical/illegal behavior to the Health Care Personnel Registry.  We CARE about your safety! Our Registered Nurse Supervisor will meet with you in your home for a free consultation along with any others you would like involved. Together, we will develop your Personalized Care Plan to meet your needs and preferences. During this consultation, we spend the time getting to know you and determine what type of caregiver would best fit your level of care and personality. We will work with you to find a perfect match!
While our hearts are in Home Care, if the need for Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing, or Short Term Rehabilitation level of care arises, we will assist you with locating the best facilities for your needs at NO ADDITIONAL cost to you. If your needs are short term, we’ll stay in touch with you, your family and discharge planner at the facility to resume services when you return home.

“We come to you, wherever home is!”